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Cumming Chiropractor for a Chiropractic Adjustment Appointment

Chiropractic Plus More:

Wellness For Life is a holistic chiropractic office meaning we don't just just focus on adjusting your neck and back. We can adjust your whole body: from your head to your toes, to your fingers and nose. We are not your typical "pop and crack" chiropractor. We can adjust you with manual manipulation, but research has found that using multiple technique works best because no one is the same. Science has shown that gentle adjustments are more powerful than the typical "pop and crack" adjustments. That is why we found that using an ArthoStim is very effective and most people say their adjustments last longer and are more effective using the ArthoStim. The ArthoStim uses small gentle pulse that kids say feels like a massage. Wellness For Life has helped thousands of people with headaches, neck pain, hip pain, back pain, sleep issues, anxiety, blood pressure, and more. Some people spent years with pain or other issues and didn't find relief until coming to see Wellness For Life.

Health and Wellness:

We want you to be the healthiest you can be so we address the whole body not just the neck and spine. Dr. Ekberg has been studying health and fitness his whole life. He started as an athlete who competed in the Olympics and NCAA Div 1, a scholar who earned Magna cum Laude for both his Doctorate of Chiropractic and his Bachelor’s degree. Today he is a successful chiropractor who helps his patients stay pain free and the healthiest they can be. All of our chiropractors have been trained under Dr. Ekberg and adhere to the same high goals in caring for all of our patients.

Cutting Edge Technology:

We are one of 100 world wide doctors using cutting edge technology that is used to enhance athletic performance in the Olympics and help them handle stress. We use this test on most of our patients to see if their brain and nervous system are working at their full potential. Although few chiropractic patients will compete in the Olympics, many will have the same advantage as world class athletes when it comes to optimizing their level of wellness and performance.

Individual Care:

Dr Ekberg is dedicated to make everyone healthy. He spends a lot of time with each patient making sure they are given the best as well as individual treatment. He spends time answering questions and giving them a full understanding about their body and the symptoms they are feeling. He adjust people according to what the person needs. Someone who has been in an auto accident shouldn’t be adjusted like someone who is a healthy athlete.

Family Care:

We welcome all ages from zero and up. Chiropractic is not about bones out of place, but rather about optimizing brain and nervous system function. This is why all people, including infants, benefit from chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic helps maintain and restore your overall health.

Pain Relief:

Pain is a body signal that something isn't working correctly. A muscle spasm, for example, is the brain's attempt at stabilizing and protecting some area of your body. Taking medication to mask the symptom will only make it worse in the long run, because it is not addressing the source of the problem.It is like inserting earplugs when the fire alarm goes off. Chiropractic is a drug free way that will correct the problem at its source; the nervous system imbalance.

Addressing The Cause Not Just A Symptom: 

Most chiropractors focus on mechanics and take x-rays to find a "problem". In our office we focus on what we all know controls the body... the brain and nervous system. If your bones are misaligned, for example scoliosis, it is because the brain is not firing properly, or is getting bad feed back information from the body. The focus is on the brain not the bones when it comes to chiropractic. That is how chiropractic helps people get out of pain and becoming the healthiest they can be.

Nutrition, Exercise and Feeling Better: 

Eat, Move & Feel Better is our goal for you. While we would like to think changing just one thing would make us 100% healthy it is a combination of things that do it. If you eat healthy you will feel better, but if you move more and eat healthy you will feel even better, and feeling better along with eating healthy and moving more is what will help your body the most. The adjustment helps connect your body and brain so they work better. Adding nutrition, exercise and feeling better will help your brain even more. Dr. Ekberg is always searching for information for how to help the body and brain work better.

Chiropractic Adjustments On The First Visit:

You will get adjusted on your first visit and all adjustments you will visit with the chiropractor. We care about how you feel today as well as how healthy you are tomorrow.

Health Talks: 

You won’t hear a sales pitch about pinched nerves, or hear the same talk over and over. We give free health talks every week about all health issues from high blood pressure, high blood sugar, cholesterol, and diabetes to exercise, stress relief and anti-aging. Most of the workshops are recorded and posted on our site in the chiropractic video section.

Chiropractor Doctor Knowledge:

Dr Ekberg’s thirst for knowledge keeps him abreast of cutting edge advances in the medical world. In school, Dr Ekberg amazed his teachers and fellow students by actually reading several of the medical textbooks, such as Guyton's Textbook of Medical Physiology from cover to cover, even reading the chapters that were not assigned. Today he attends many classes and seminars and stays on top of cutting edge topics within the new health paradigm.