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Neuron Theory

By: Dr. Sten Ekberg

Neurons or Nerve Cells - The little guys that make YOU function.Neurons.jpg

Before you back out and say - Oops, I clicked the wrong link. I'm probably not interested in them whatchamacallits, just take a second and ponder.

Everything about you is regulated and directed through neurons,( the cells that make up the brain and nervous system.)

My guess is that if you're not very interested in neurons it's for two reasons: 1) Nobody ever made it very interesting or understandable and 2) you never thought you could do much about them anyway. Hopefully I can change both of those perceptions for you.

The body has many different types of cells for different purposes. You have  bone cells for structural stability, muscle cells for contraction, and nerve cells or neurons for sending messages. All these cells are built from the same basic components: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and minerals. All these cells also have turnover - that means that some cells or parts of cells "wear out" and have to be replaced. The more metabolically active a cell is, the faster will be it's turnover rate.

All of these cells need two things to survive. Fuel and stimulation. Fuel obviously is energy to perform work, which ultimately is converted by mitochondria into ATP before the body can use it. Bone cells get stimulated by being exposed to gravity and structural stress, muscle cells get stimulated by performing work and being put under tensile stress, and nerve cells get stimulated by sending and receiving messages.

This means that if you can work out your muscles you can work out your brain.

To be continued.

Sten Ekberg D.C., Chiropractor
Cumming Chiropractor