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Meet the Team

3 Holistic Doctors Committed To Your Health & Wellness

  • Dr.
    Sten Ekberg
    Chiropractor & Clinical Nutrition Practitioner

    When it comes to holistic health, Dr. Sten Ekberg applied the same absolute commitment and dedication that it took to be ranked top 10 in the world in the most demanding sport there is - the decathlon. Dr. Sten Ekberg never settles for just getting by. Whether in school, in sports, or clinical practice Dr. Sten Ekberg is always committed to excellence. Dr. Sten Ekberg will apply the same commitment to your health and well-being.

  • Dr.
    Colby Smith
    Chiropractor & Clinical Nutrition Practitioner

    Her interest in holistic health and chiropractic comes from helping the body to heal itself with natural means. She believes health can be achieved without medicine or surgery. She played softball in college and baseball in high school.

  • Dr.
    Kelly Tice
    N.D., C.N.C.
    Naturopathic Practitioner & Certified Nutrition Counselor
    • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine / Naturopathy, IIOM
    • Certified Nutritional Counselor, IIOM
    • Certified Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) Practitioner
    • Early Childhood, Bob Jones University


Atlanta Residents Are Raving About The Holistic Health Care At Wellness For Life

    ABOVE AND BEYOND! Seldom do you find a healthcare practitioner that REALLY cares about EVERY aspect of your life. When you find one, you keep them forever... Dr. Ekberg is one of these. Dr. Ekberg is careful, asks many questions, discusses the root cause of an ailment, and presents alternatives. I have been seeing Dr. Ekberg for nearly 2 years and will continue to see him regularly. Seek him out and you will be grateful you found him!

    Eric G

    I got amazing results after 3 months of visits to Dr. Ekberg's Clinic. He has a holistic health approach to many issues you have in your body. This really worked for me. He not only helped me to stop lower back pain but also helped me to take off my anxiety medicine using a breathing technique. Any disease best works if your body and mind cooperate together. Dr. Ekberg helps you to achieve this approach. I'm an engineer and understand how well the feedback system works. He does use this mechanism to get

    A. P.

    Unbelievable Results! I can't believe what Dr. Ekberg has done to increase my mobility and virtually eliminate my pain. After seeing an orthopedic surgeon and undergoing physical therapy 5 years ago without success, I resigned myself to not running again and living with pain. I didn't think a chiropractor could help until two of my neighbors raved about the remarkable improvements they experienced from Dr. Ekberg's treatment. I began seeing Dr. Ekberg two months ago and have experienced dra

    Howard S

    The best overall doctor in Atlanta!!! He is truly gifted and he will put his fingers right on your pain! Dr. Ekberg is about getting you healthy from the inside out and not so much worried about treating symptoms! When you heal from the inside out then your body is reset and able to heal itself and you will find you can put away the Advil and Tylenol and you will sleep like a baby! Give him a try and you won't be sorry!

    Christy A

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