Arthrostim Chiropractic Instrument Adjustment

Extremely gentle, effective, and longer lasting chiropractic adjustments. 

We offer manual adjustments upon request but most patients have found the Arthrostim to be more effective and last longer than manual adjustments. The Arthrostim is extremely gentle and is able to reach areas that most doctors can't adjust with a manual adjustment. We can adjust you head to toe. The Arthrostim is not automatic, the doctor must activate the Arthrostim. This gives gentle pulsing motions in specific areas under the care of the doctor. 

18-month-old baby gets a chiropractic adjustment with the arthrostim by Dr. Sten Ekberg, chiropractor.

At Wellness For Life Chiropractic all of our doctors use a combination Applied Kinesiology (AK) and Arthrostim chiropractic adjusting instrument for most of the chiropractic adjustments. The benefits of the Arthrostim chiropractic adjusting instrument along with Applied Kinesiology (AK) creates a more specific, targeted, longer lasting, and effective adjustment. Arthrostim adjusting takes the scare factor out for some patients and eases fears from patients who might otherwise never seek chiropractic care. The attraction is that the lower force that is required for adjustment when compared to manual adjusting, but more effective and a lot safer. chiropractor adjustment gentle

The Arthrostim is an adjusting instrument that our patients have said is superior to manual adjustments. The Arthrostim is like an electric activator (the clicker a lot of chiropractors use). This device is more specific than a manual adjustment as it can be adjusted to deliver from a few ounces of force up to 40 pounds of force to a specific point on the body. The force is adjusted depending on the initial pressure placed upon the patient's body by the practitioner. Because of the low impact and specify all of the body can be adjusted: back, neck, toes, ears, head, and even newborns.

The ArthroStim instrument delivers 12 thrusts per second. Twelve hertz is a higher frequency than that achieved with more traditional adjustment devices. This frequency is known as the "low beta somatomotor rhythm." 12 hertz is also on the same wave length as alpha brain waves. In an alpha brain wave pattern the brain is a more relaxed and effortless alertness. By sending 12 hertz signals the body become more relaxed. Alpha waves appear when you are still awake, but in a state of relaxed and effortless alertness. Alpha waves are associated with relaxation, meditation, and daydreaming. More importantly, the alpha state is associated with creativity, super learning, and “being in the zone.” The best professional athletes often function from alpha in their biggest games, totally unfazed by critical situations and coming up with one spectacular play after another. Navy SEALS train to function in alpha on missions so that stress and danger do not compromise their decision making.


By delivering a 12-14 hertz impulse, the ArthroStim divides the energy of a single chiropractic adjustment into “rapid successive inputs.” In this way, the ArthroStim maintains a consistent peak force which makes for a more comfortable and effective adjustment. The total impulse of a chiropractic adjustment is divided into equal, smaller impulses known cumulatively as the “controlled repetitive input.” This leads to an aggregate effect on neural receptors and extensive neurological feedback to the brain while simultaneously using a greatly reduced single impulse. This frequency is said to be optimal for stimulating proprioceptors and mechanoreceptors around trigger points which in turn stimulate the brain. There are scientific studies indicate that specific light adjustments are more effective than large adjustments.

Thus, the ArthroStim, with its less forceful method stimulates only mechano- and proprio-receptors without activating pain receptors. This is known as a “neurological assist” technique and allows the practitioner to manage and treat more conditions than he/she could with a more traditional chiropractic approach. Because the ArthroStim does not use a single, forceful thrust, larger and stiffer individuals can be more safely adjusted.

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