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Reverse Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is becoming a pandemic, but even though it is affecting as much as 85 % of the population, it is very poorly understood and managed. It is considered chronic and irreversible, but if we understand the mechanism properly it is very manageable and usually reversible. The problem is that it is treated only as a problem of high blood sugar, without asking why the blood sugar is high. The cell is observed to resist the action of insulin, but no one is asking why the cell is behaving that way, or if it might have a good reason.

The traditional view point is that in most disease conditions, the body is behaving randomly and erratically. That somehow the body is flawed, poorly designed and that it simply misbehaves and breaks sometimes. In holistic health care, we recognize that the body is very precise, intelligent and on purpose. If there is a pain or a symptom, it is because the body is trying to alert us to an imbalance.Once we fix the imbalance, the body returns to homeostasis and health.

Insulin resistance and the progressed version, type two diabetes, are not diseases. The body is not doing anything wrong. It is merely adapting to years of being overloaded. The purpose of insulin is to deliver fuel to the cell, but when the cell has too much fuel it starts resisting the action of insulin. Type 2 diabetics don't have a lack of insulin. They have too much. The solution is not to increase the action of insulin to lower blood sugar it is to reduce the dietary sugar and carbohydrates that raise blood sugar in the first place.

Therefore diet is critical to reversing insulin resistance and diabetes, but it may not be enough. Along the way after decades of blood sugar and hormonal imbalance, there is usually some collateral damage. With Nutrition Response Testing, we can very specifically identify what the body needs to fully recover.

Reverse Insulin Resistance

At Wellness For Life we have a very comprehensive program including:

  • Identifying specific stressors (sources of interference)
  • Providing individualized nutritional supplement plans to handle the stressors
  • Proven dietary principles
  • Personal counseling and food journal analysis
  • Free seminars
  • A complete library of educational videos on your condition

Utilizing this comprehensive and personalized approach, we have had large numbers of people report dramatic improvement when it comes to insulin resistance.

Keep in mind that we never treat a condition, symptom or disease; we treat people. The body does the healing.