Pediatric Chiropractic

Pediatric Chiropractic

A lot of people believe that infants do not need chiropractic, and that chiropractors address back pain and misaligned spines. Other chiropractors say there is trauma to the spine during the birth process which can lead to health issues. Yes, the birth process can be tough, but there is a bigger reason why infants need to start early with chiropractic.

pediatric chiropractic

Stress! Did you know that humans start to be affected by stress as early as 3 months after conception? Chiropractic helps reduce stressors in the body and emotional stress.

Stress that a fetus experiences comes from the stress the mother is feeling; Stress hormones will cross the placenta. This is why mothers-to-be should get routine chiropractic too.

Dr. Ekberg has adjusted many children under a week old. 

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