Upper Cervical Chiropractic

We adjust the upper cervical area using light instrument adjustments much like many chiropractic techniques that specialize in upper cervical adjustments, such as Atlas Orthogonal. We also adjust more than just the upper cervical area because you receive more benefit from getting adjustment from all over the body not just one adjustment to the neck. We can adjust you from the top of your head to your toes.

Most Upper Cervical chiropractors use x-rays which do not show where the issue is or where to adjust. We adjust based on Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) instead of x-ray. The x-ray only shows the position of the bones, not the function of the area or what is going on. Bones are passive and they only move because a muscle pulls on them. The brain in turn tells the muscle to pull the bones. By using muscle testing correctly, we can evaluate brain function in real time, adjust, and then instantly verify if we have made an improvement. 

Chiropractic works because the adjustment puts pressure on a receptor, which in turn sends a message to the brain. Upper cervical chiropractic in general works well because the cervical area has the highest concentration of receptors and consequently has the greatest potential to make an impact on brain activity. However just because one area has a greater impact does not mean that other areas are irrelevant. Each area of the body signals to a different area in the brain. Since each area of the body corresponds to a specific area in the brain, we want to adjust any area of the body that can provide beneficial input to the brain.

We also want to work on different kinds of tissues since any tissue that is rich in receptors is important for brain function. Joints, muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments, skin, and cranial sutures all have receptors that are critical for the overall function of the brain and nervous system. Muscle testing allows us to evaluate all of them with great precision and treat accordingly. All body parts have receptors that send signals to the brain, so we don't want to miss any opportunities to help you get out of pain quickly and be the healthiest you can be.

This is the reason Wellness For Life is functionally based rather than mechanically based.

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