Wellness For Life, a Cumming Chiropractic office, has made several videos to help you become the healthiest you can be.

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  • Testimonials - Wellness For Life patient video testimonials
  • Dr Ekberg's Sports Career - Dr Ekberg was in the 1992 Olympics, European Championships, NCAA Division I, and broke national records in the decathlon.


Exercise - Psoas Stretch Helps Lower Back Pain
Exercise - Three Winged Friends For Posture
Exercise - Neck Stretch
Exercise - Psoas Stretch 2 person
Exercise - Wrist

Cooking & Shopping With Dr. Ekberg

Shopping - MSG Hidden Labels
Shopping - Cooking Oils
Recipe - Grilled Lamb Chop
Recipe - Healthy Salad
Recipe - Mayonnaise

Short Videos About Health

MSG Hidden In Soup & Bouillon
About Artificial Sweeteners
Answer To A Dr. Oz Question About Sweat (Hyperhidrosis)
Guided Meditation
Why You Need Fish Oil
Brain & Nervous System Control Everything
Osteoporosis Prevention
Hyperhidrosis - Cause & Reversal
Help kid's ear infections
Why pasteurized milk is bad for humans
Help with eye issues as we age
High Blood Pressure Can Be Reversed
Chiropractic For All Ages
6 Minute Breathing Exercise
Cortisol, Blood Sugar & Sleeping
How To Boost Your Immune System
Smoking & Your Brain
Why Fans Can Be So Relaxing 1 of 2
Why Fans Can Be So Relaxing 2 of 2
Holistic Chiropractors vs Traditional Chiropractors vs Medical Doctors
Nasal congestion - Deviated Septum may not be the issue
Spinal Surgery - Now You Need Chiropractic
Spinal Fusion Surgery
Grilled Lamb Chop Recipe
Tennis Elbow - Cause & Fix

User Manual For Humans

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Part 1
Stress & Health
Part 2
Stress & Diseases
Part 3
Food For Humans
Part 4
Heart Rate Variability
Part 5
Blood Sugar & Diabetes Type 2
Part 6
ADD, Depression & Chronic Pain
Part 7
Exercise - Why, How & What?
Part 8
DNA & Heredity
Part 9
Symptoms & Body Responses
Part 10
How To Relax
Part 11
Part 12
Food Additives
Part 13
Eat, Move & Feel Better
Part 14
Brain, Ego & Happiness
Part 15
How To Feel Good
Part 16
Part 17
Anti-Aging 1 Intro
Part 18
Anti-Aging 2 Telomeres
Part 19
Anti-Aging 3 Free Radicals
Part 20
Anti-Aging 4 Mitochondria

Public Talks

LeasePlan USA - Heath and Stress
LeasePlan USA - Food For Humans
MMA 5K Walk and Health Seminar


Hip Pain
Foot & Ankle Pain
Low Back Pain, Sacral Pain, & Sciatica
Back Pain & Hip Pain
Low Back Pain
Sports Injuries, Car Accident & Allergies
Peripheral Neuropathy & Stiff Shoulder
Fractured Spine Pain
Hip Pain
Fused Cervical Spine
Back Pain, & Muscle Weakness

Dr. Ekberg's Sports Career

1992 Olympics in Barcelona
1992 Olympics - Decathlon Final Event
Discus Throw