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  • Neuron Theory
    By: Dr. Sten EkbergNeurons or Nerve Cells - The little guys that make YOU function. Before you back out and say - Oops, I clicked the wrong link. I'm probably not Read more
  • What about Cholesterol?
    By: Dr. Sten Ekberg This morning I got an email titled. "Shocking truth - not all cholesterol is bad". Really I thought. So some cholesterol is bad? As it tumed out Read more
  • Response To Article On Electrosensitivity
    By: Dr. Sten Ekberg The problem is that we still understand very little about how the human body works. Every day we learn something new that we couldn't measure yesterday, so Read more
  • How much fat is bad?
    By: Dr. Sten Ekberg The head line is actually misleading, but that's on purpose. It is the wrong question. What we really need to ask is; what kinds of fats are Read more
  • Kettlebells, Core Strength and BOSU Balls – A Chiropractic Neurology Perspective
    By: Dr. Sten Ekberg I had a patient come in after having hurt her back training with kettlebells. She is usually very active and takes good care of herself so she Read more
  • What Do Chiropractors Really Do?
    By: Dr. Sten Ekberg Most people and most chiropractors believe that chiropractors move bones to relieve pressure from nerves. This has never been shown, does not fit any verifiable model, and Read more
  • Chiropractic Neurology
    By: Dr. Sten Ekberg At Wellness For Life Chiropractic we are very interested in chiropractic neurology, because your brain is your hard drive for your body. Chiropractors affect the nervous system, Read more
  • Chiropractic and Cholesterol?
    By: Dr. Sten Ekberg Recently I saw an article online about chiropractic and cholesterol, and I had to offer my feedback. Below is my comment along with the article below it. Read more
  • What Chiropractors Really Do - And What They Actually Don’t Do
    By: Dr. Sten Ekberg What Chiropractors Really Do - And What They Actually Don’t Do. I believe most of the controversy surrounding chiropractic would be resolved if we could start telling the Read more
  • Question for the Doctor - Psychiatrist for depression?
    By: Dr. Sten Ekberg Question: Will a great psychiatrist (not psychologist) help for depression and anxiety in young adults? Thanks! ​Answer: Exercise works wonders for depression. Nutrition is another thing to look Read more
  • Flintstone’s Vitamins - Are they Safe?
    Flintstone’s Vitamins - Are they Safe? Do you give your kids daily vitamins such as Flintstone’s? Then you might want to read this post. Flintstones Vitamins are supposed to be the Pediatrician’s Read more
  • What is Chiropractic?
    By: Dr. Sten Ekberg Even though chiropractic wasn't started on the premise of treating back pain and even though for the first 50 years of the profession, chiropractors treated mostly conditions Read more
  • Why No Routine X-Rays?
    By: Dr. Sten Ekberg X-Rays - Radiation exposure is cumulative so how much do you want to add on? Radon (Georgia leads the southeast according to the EPA: avg 822 deaths/yr) Using a cell Read more
  • Health care or disease care?
    By: Dr. Sten Ekberg $1 spent on health replaces $40 spent on disease. Medical charges are way jacked up because someone else has been paying for it. Now things are changing Read more
  • Question For The Doctor - MTHFR and EBV
    By: Dr. Sten Ekberg Dr Ekberg was asked the following question... Question: Are you very familiar with MTHFR and underlying viruses like EBV? Dr Ekberg's Answer:The Methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) is a very common genetic Read more
  • Chiropractic and Pain Relief
    By: Dr. Sten Ekberg Health problems develop over time. Once there is a symptom of pain there has been an issue going on for several years (unless there was physical damage Read more